The Rural Schools Association of New York

Rural Communities, Rural School Funding in NY, and How to Write a Grant Proposal

SHOW ME THE MONEY: Rural Communities, Rural School Funding in NY, and How to Write a Grant Proposal
is an engaged learning course at Cornell University being piloted in Fall 2021.

This course was developed in response to the needs expressed by:

  • Rural schools in NYS seeking a variety of supports to obtain external funding,

  • Cornell students seeking engaged learning experiences and instruction in identifying, match-making, and applying for grant funds,  

  • The Rural Schools Association of NYS seeking to build value for its members,

  • Engaged initiative at Cornell University seeking to build courses where “…teams of faculty, staff, students and community members address global issues and help build a more sustainable, just and collaborative future” ( )

The goals for this course are for students and school teams to learn:

  • How to find and apply for large and small grants in support of local district priorities and initiatives;

  • How political, economic, cultural forces define, shape and constrain rural communities and schools, and how these impact community capacity to serve youth;

  • How Cornell graduates can continue to engage in community partnerships across rural communities.

  • How to prepare successful applications for two grants to support programming at participating rural districts.


We need Rural Schools Association of NYS member districts to participate in this course with real project ideas. You will need to send a team of 3, and have 2 fairly well-developed project ideas for funding. In order to be considered, you will need to complete an application by July 31, 2021. We recommend the following:

1. If you are unsure whether your district is a member, check here:

2. Read through the syllabus here:

3. Read through the partnership agreement here:

4. Gather your team, and your project ideas and fill out the application here:


If you have any questions along the way, please reach out to Gretchen Rymarchyk at